Price List


All prices are based on parts that are clean and in good condition and we do not take apart or re-assemble items.

Extra charges apply for cleaning, repair or making items good before processing.

Alloy wheel prices do not include removal or re-fitting of tyres

Prices are only a guide. Final price will depend on the size, current condition and material we are processing. The primer required, paint colour, film choice and lacquer chosen can also affect the final cost.

Every item is hand finished and can be customised to your specification – Please ask for an individual quote.

Prices include VAT:


Small Bumper Diffusersfrom £80
Small Bumper Lower Spoiler / Splitterfrom £80
Engine Coversfrom £60
Single Cam Coversfrom £60
Double Cam Coversfrom £80
Battery Coversfrom £40
Small Trim Piecesfrom £30
Medium Trim Piecesfrom £40
Large Trim Pieces / Mouldingsfrom £50
Small Grillesfrom £60
Large Grillesfrom £80
Vents / Scoopsfrom £50
Small Spoilersfrom £70
Large Spoilersfrom £100
Small Dash Centre Consolesfrom £50
Large Dash Consolesfrom £70
Door Handles (Pair)from £50
Badgesfrom £30
Mirror Covers (Pair)from £60
Car Body Panelsfrom £80
Air Ride Tanks from £100 
Roof Lining Panels (Pair)from £100
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ALLOY WHEELS (Excludes removal and re-fitting of tyres
Prices shown below are
per wheel)

14/15 inch alloysfrom £70
16/17 inch alloys from £80
18/19 inch alloys m from £90
22 inch alloysfrom £100
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Small Fairings from £60
Large Fairings from £80
Chain Guardsfrom £60
Small Mudguardsfrom £70
Large Mudguardsfrom £80
Small Fuel Tanksfrom £100
Large Fuel Tanksfrom £120
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Bike Frames (Depending on size)from £120
Bike Forks (Pair)from £70
Small Bike Trimsfrom £35
Skateboardsfrom £50
Snowboardsfrom £70
Kayak Paddles (Both Ends)from £70
RC Radio Transmitters** from £60
RC Car Bodies or Similar**from £60
Electric Guitar Body from £50
Electric Guitar Scratch Plate / Pickguardfrom £30
Games Console Controllers (full cover)from £50
Games Console Coversfrom £40
Laptop Coversfrom £50
Tablet Coversfrom £40
Smart Phone Casesfrom £30
Remote Control Coversfrom £30
Firearm Air/BB Covers (1 side)from £30
Firearm Silencers / Barrelsfrom £30
DJ Decks / Turntablesfrom £70
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Light / Electrical Switch Covers from £30
Small Picture Framesfrom £30
Large Picture Framesfrom £40
Kitchen Cabinet Doorsfrom £50
Drawer Frontsfrom £40
Glass Splashbacksfrom £30
Animal Skullsfrom £90
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Trainers (Pair) from £120
Dress Shoes(Pair)from £100
Sliders(Pair)from £60
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