What is hydro-graphics / hydro-dipping?

Hydro-graphics or hydro-dipping is the process of using water and a specialist film to cover and wrap around most three dimensional objects. The process can be applied to metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials. The specialist films are available in 100’s of colours and patterns. Commonly known as Hydro-graphics or hydro-dipping, the process can also sometimes be referred to as water transfer printing.

What general condition should my items be in before hydro-dipping?

All items need painting before hydro-dipping to allow the ink from the film to fuse with the painted surface. Items must be clean, dent free, without cracks or any other type of damage.

Can you hydro-dip any item?

The simple answer to this is no. Items which are to be hydro-dipped will be submerged and rinsed in water as part of the printing process. The item also needs to have a solid surface for the film to apply. So in a nutshell, no electronic components and no cuddly toys. However, we are able to hydro-dip electronic casings (with the electronic components removed) such as phone and console cases.

‘If it can be painted and fit into our 2 meter hydro tank, then it can be dipped”


We are able to hydro-dip many everyday items including:

• phone cases • iPad covers
• lamp shades & vases • sports equipment
• bike frames • picture / mirror frames
• game consoles & pads • automotive parts
• alloy & steel wheels • kitchen unit doors
• small furniture • and much, much more

Will the item be subject to any other treatment stages in the process?

All items are lacquered and baked after the film applying process. Sometimes, the item may need to be baked during the priming or painting process where applicable.

How are the final dipped items protected?

All hydro-dipped items are lacquered with automotive, quality 2K lacquer in your choice of gloss, matt, tinted or colour changing clear coat.

How long does it take for the lacquer to dry?

Lacquer can take up to 48 hours to fully harden and cure but can be handled and polished within a day or so.

How durable is the hydro-dipped item once finished?

Finished items are very durable, but care should be taken before the lacquer is fully hardened after about 2 weeks

What general condition should my items be in before hydro-dipping?

All items need painting before hydro-dipping to allow the ink from the film to fuse with the painted surface. Items must be clean, dent free, without cracks or any other type of damage.

What do I do if I want my alloy wheels hydro dipped?

If you wish to dipp your alloy wheels there are three options available:

Option 1: Have the alloys removed from your car as well as the tyres then bring them in to our shop or ship the alloys to us. Once completed, you can pick up your alloys or we ship them back to you. 

Option 2: Go to our partner Tyre shop, they’ll remove and refit temporary alloys for you while we work on your alloys. Once your alloys are done, you go back to the same garage where they will fit your alloys & tyres back on your vehicle. Having a temporary alloys fitted to your vehicle while we work on yours will incur a addition charge of £120

Option 3: A premium service where we come to your home and replace you alloys with temporary ones, then take yours away to be worked on. Once finished we will return your freshly dipped alloy wheels, balanced and refit them. This premium service will cost from £250.


How long does it usually take to have items hydro dipped and ready for picked up or returned to customer.

This process usually take 5 – 10 working days depending on the item and condition.

My item is corroded. Can it still be hydroprinted on?

YES. Your item will however need much more preperation work than an item that is in good condition. This would of course add to the cost but would leave you with item that looks as good as new.

I am not sure which colour and finish would suit my hydroprinted item best. Do you offer a guidance service?

YES. We offer all customers the chance to chat to one of our friendly hydroprinting team to discuss the best colour, pattern and finish for your item. Just give us a call to arrange an appointment.

My item is likely to need to be hard wearing. Is something like this available?

YES. We are able to offer a variety of finishes and will always discuss the best option with our customers. For example increased layers of lacquer gives better protection for parts or items that may be rubbed or bumped.

I have seen a pattern I like elsewhere but they quote a much higher price. Are you able to get patterns not listed on your patterns page?

YES. We go to great lengths to make sure that we can get any hydrographics pattern required by our customers. Not all available hydrographics patterns may be on our website, particularly if they are new, so it is worth giving us a call to have a chat with us and see if we have what you are looking for.

I have a large project which would require a lot of items to be hydroprinted. Do you offer bulk discount?

YES. We are able to offer great discounts on hydroprinting for large projects. We would usually discuss this with you prior to booking your items in and agree on a price before work is undertaken to ensure complete customer satisfaction.